Bolton Museum

Bolton Museum has announced that its new Egyptology gallery should be open to the public in 2018. 

The Bolton Museum already provides visitors with a selection of displays, such as historical artefacts, wildlife, and art collections.

But in 2018 a new area will be open that delves into the history of ancient Egypt. 

Initial plans for the layout and content of the museum have just been unveiled. 

Designs show that there should be four different stages of the visitor experience.

On entering the exhibition, visitors can expect to be welcomed by an area called Rotunda which will set the scene and give an explanation of why the museum has such a large Egyptology collection.

A section named Land & People has also been proposed which will show artefacts from Egyptian everyday life.

The Eternal Egypt experience will take visitors through to the Beliefs section which will focus on death and the afterlife, before leading to the museum’s Tomb of Thutmose III, a pharaoh whose tomb has been reproduced.

The Reflections area will offer visitors the chance to reflect on why Boltonians are similar to the Ancient Egyptians and discover the links between them.

What else can groups see in Bolton?

Groups may like to combine their trip to Bolton Museum with a visit to the aquarium and archive, which are within the same confines as the museum.

Visitors to Bolton might also enjoy going to some of its historical halls such as Smithills Hall, one of Bolton’s original family homes. Here groups can arrange afternoon teas and tours. 

The Hall I’th’ Wood Museum is a 16th century wooden framed house where groups can also take part in guided tours.

The Bolton Steam Museum displays stationary old steam engines which once powered cotton mills in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

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