Monkey World

Monkey World

At Monkey World in Dorset, visitors are immersed into a wildlife park with a difference- nearly all the primates here are rescued. Here you can see rescued chimpanzees rehabilitated into family groups, Europe’s only orangutan crèche, and over 250 rescued and endangered monkeys and apes!

Many been neglected, kept in unnatural conditions, or experienced unbelievable cruelty. At Monkey World, they can all enjoy the company of their own kind in a safe and natural environment.

Take in the sights of chimpanzees wrestling and playing, capuchins foraging through their enclosures, and baby orangutans learning the skills needed for adult hood- all from the depths of the Dorset countryside.

Monkey World is open all year round, closing only on Christmas Day. Groups benefit from discounted rates, free coach parking & free hot drinks for the driver. The 65 acre park is easily accessible for all, due to mobility scooters available to hire and a range of sensory statues, wheelchair swings and printed keeper talks to ensure everyone can enjoy Monkey World.

For more details, please go to:, email or call 01929 462537.

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01929 462537