The Tower of London

With St George’s Day having just passed, we’ve come up with six trip ideas that will help you and your group extend the celebrations for this patron saint day.

Although St George’s Day only comes round once a year, it would be a shame not to celebrate England and its heroic past all year round. England has both a glorious and gory history and there are too many locations to count that invite groups to gain a wonderful insight into this history.

Here are just some ideas that England has to offer…

Dover Castle

Positioned on top of the famous White Cliffs, Dover Castle has been known as the “Key to England” for centuries as it overlooks the English Channel. Tracing it back to the year 1180AD, this castle has a wealth of history and hidden secrets. 

Talking of secrets, the Secret Wartime Tunnels are a main highlight of the castle, which is now a popular visitor attraction. These tunnels run deep beneath the White Cliffs and housed the nerve-centre of operations for Winston Churchill during Operation Dynamo in 1940. 

Now a visitor experience, the tunnels retell the tales of the British Army. Plus, a free Land Train operates for those who find the steep slopes within the castle challenging. 

The Tower of London

Who thinks of England without an image of the infamous Tower of London creeping into view? This historic building that overlooks the Thames river is now one of the most popular attractions in London. If you and your group are fascinated by history and the gruesome past, what better place to go than here, where many kings, queens and townsfolk were imprisoned, tortured and executed over the centuries. 

Inside there is much to discover; a visitor experience called The Line of Kings features arms and royal armour as well as life sized wooden horses and figures of Kings from throughout British history.

Hadrian's Wall

Pictured: Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall takes you back 2,000 years to the time of Roman Britain. The wall was originally built as a divide between England and Scotland and stretches 73 miles. 

Rambling groups can follow trails, and the centres along the wall pose as an option for those not wanting to walk too far. 

There is also an exhibition called Hadrian’s Cavalry, which is running until 10th September at various centres. This exhibition pays tribute to the skill of the British cavalry during the Roman occupation, and features Roman artefacts including helmets and armour, as well as objects found at the wall.

Buckingham Palace

Although perhaps an obvious choice, Buckingham Palace has to be at the top of the list when it comes to ‘most English’.

Besides it being the London residency of the Queen, each summer, when the palace is not being used, visitors can enjoy tours of the 19 State Rooms within the palace. This year the summer opening has been extended, giving groups the chance to visit for a total of ten weeks between 22nd July and 1st October. The special exhibition, Royal Gifts, will tell the story of the Queen’s reign through a wide range of official gifts presented to her during the past 65 years.


Pictured: Lands-End, photo credit VisitBritain and Alex Hare.


Lands-End, England’s most southerly point is surely a destination worth visiting with its beautiful views across the Atlantic Ocean. Not to mention the wealth of wildlife that nests along the cliffs and surrounding area. 

Whether you’re interested in standing at the very tip, or just fancy browsing the area, there is plenty to keep groups occupied. A trip down into the West Country Shopping Village can provide you with gifts, souvenirs and tasty treats, too.

King Richard III Visitor Centre

This attraction is ideal for groups, with two talks designed exclusively for visiting parties. Both talks give insight into the two defining events in the story of King Richard III

The Cousins War talk explores the conflict between the houses of York and Lancaster and you can find out more about how the outcomes shaped events and how the end of the conflict ushered in the Tudor era. 

The King Under The Car Park talk, meanwhile, focuses on the “Looking for Richard” project. The centre also provides group rates as well as a variety of tour packages and catering options.

For further inspiration for great things to do in England, head to the VisitEngland website, where ideas catering to all interests are in abundance.