We went along to @sohoplace, the first West End Theatre to open in 50 years, to see why it has already left a huge impression on audiences. 

The auditorium @sohoplace theatre in the West End

Source: Philip Vile

The auditorium seats 602 and can be completely transformed for different productions. 

As soon as you walk through the glass doors of @sohoplace theatre, you know you’re in for something very different. There is still that ‘new’ smell and feeling as you wander around the plush interiors.

The fifth floor was our meeting point. An exclusive bar and lounge complete with a covered outdoor terrace overlooking the busy West End. Sophie Dart from Nimax Theatres, which operates @sohoplace, tells us you’d be hard pushed to find anywhere else like it in the West End - it does feel rather special.

The space itself is ideal for groups to book, giving them somewhere private, and luxurious to catch up and relax before a performance. 

Keeley Rodgers, GLT editor, at the @sohoplace theatre

Keeley checks out the roof terrace at @sohoplace theatre.

As we took our seats in the auditorium itself, you can absolutely feel Nimax chief executive Nica Burns’ vision to create an intimate and fully adaptable space.

It seats 602 and can be completely transformed from ‘in the round’ to long or short thrust formats, ideal for a host of different productions. 

@sohoplace is the first West End theatre to open in 50 years, staging its first performances in 2022, and was the culmination of a 12-year project. Performances so far have incuded a new production of As You Like It, Brokeback Mountain and Robinson Jeffers’ adaptation of Euripedes’ Medea

We were lucky enough to see The Little Big Things based on the true story of Henry Fraser, whose life changed forever when he had a diving accident in 2009 and was paralysed. The colourful and uplifting musical was only enhanced by the set-up of the theatre auditorium; you are completely immersed in the performance and energy. 

Nicola Haynes, GTO for Theatre Trips Essex, has been to @sohoplace a number of times and loves it. She told us: “It is a lovely new theatre and ideally located for travel into London as well as some wonderful restaurants. All the seats offer an excellent view. 

“It was great to have access to the private area on the fifth floor, the bar was immaculate and the views from the outdoor roof terrace over London were breathtaking.”

Neil Edeson, GTO for Surrey Trips, said: “I was reminded of the flexibility of not only the performance space but, the hospitality options as well. Fully accessible by a lift by the entrance, Nica’s Bar on the fifth floor offers a lovely space that would be suitable for a variety of options. 

“@sohoplace has hosted some great new productions already in its relatively short existence in London’s West End. I look forward to returning soon to witness the next instalment which will no doubt continue to bolster the theatre’s burgeoning reputation for high quality new productions.”

Once The Little Big Things finishes its run @sohoplace, the critically acclaimed Red Pitch production opens (with group bookings available now), following two sold-out award-winning runs at the Bush Theatre.

Described as fast-paced and sharp-edged, the performance is about brotherhood, ambition, community and what it really means to belong. 

For more information about the theatre and Red Pitch, visit sohoplace.org and for details of Nimax’s group offer head to nimaxtheatres.com/groups