Grand Canyon zip wire

Hold on tight – our round-up of thrilling activities for groups ranges from an epic zip line over the Grand Canyon to the world’s fastest roller-coaster.

1. Fly through the famous canyon

The Zipline at Grand Canyon West, which opened on 2nd January, consists of two quad zip lines, which allow groups to soar together nearly 1,000-feet above the floor of the canyon – at speeds approaching 50 miles per hour. The first of the two lines measures about 1,100 feet in length. The second line, set at a steeper grade, propels guests on a 2,100-foot-long downhill adventure, complete with views of nearby Quartermaster Canyon and rushing scenery above and below.

2. Brave the world’s fastest roller-coaster

You’ll find the world's quickest coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Formula Rossa maxes out at 150 miles per hour, living up to the speed standard for this Ferrari-themed park. Such acceleration is said to be 4.8 times faster than free fall. The formula Rossa track is 2.2km in length and contains four trains with four passenger cars.

3. Take the plunge in Chile

The Futaleufu River in Chile, which cuts through the most dramatic part of the Andean Mountain range, is said to be one of the most challenging routes for white water rafting. Groups seeking a real thrill can book a rafting experience with Expediciones Chile, a company that not only takes your group out on the rafts for an exhilarating ride but can also arrange overnight accommodation in river side huts, complete with a campfire.

4. Experience volcano boarding

There are two different ways to go volcano boarding. You can stand up like on a snowboard, or you can sit down like on a sled. If either of these options sound appealing, head to somewhere like Cerro Negro in Nicaragua where groups can hike up the active volcano, enjoying panoramic views before whooshing back down to the bottom on their sled. GTOs can book with Quetzaltrekkers, a volunteer-run trekking and outdoors association in Nicaragua.

5. Take on the sky walk

A giant window in the sky, with a commanding view of Shanghai: this is what you will find at The Sky Walk at the Shanghai World Financial Center in China. It consists of a bridge, almost 500m above the ground, with an open design roofed with glass. The impression given is that you’re floating in mid-air, accompanied by spectacular views of downtown Shanghai and the Huang Pu River below.