We took in the beauty of the natural world in the most extraordinary way at this immersive attraction in London.

Where else can you travel across seven continents, witnessing breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife all from one place? The Daikin Centre in Earl’s Court to be precise. Using the latest technology to project on multiple screens, what the BBC Earth Experience team have pulled off is nothing short of outstanding.

It’s free roaming so you can spend as long as you like, where you like. I spent just over an hour exploring, but it could have easily been longer. I was transfixed from the moment we stepped into the huge space and its dramatic sounds and sights.

Incredible BBC footage from 41 countries

The experience takes you on a 360° audio-visual journey featuring landscapes and animals from across the seven continents of the world. 

Walruses shown on the giant screens at London's BBC Earth Experience

You may remember the fighting walruses from the TV series, Seven Worlds… the footage is even more dramatic on giant screens!

Sir David Attenborough guides you through the mesmerising footage from the Seven Worlds series which was said to be BBC One’s most-watched factual TV show of 2019. A staggering 1,500 people worked on the show with 92 shoots across 41 countries. The result? An unseen wilderness of our diverse Earth, which is showcased in the most stunning way as part of the BBC Earth Experience. 

One moment you’re in a forest of fireflies, the next you’re surrounded by a colourful carpet of starfish - it’s a treat for all the senses and a powerful reminder of why we need to do what we can to protect the natural world.

Sustainability at its heart

They certainly practise what they preach. The building, and its contents, use materials that can be recycled, reused or given a second life. LED energy efficient technology powers the projectors and the screens are made of cotton (yes, really) which will be repurposed after use. 

There is also a focus on biodiversity outside with plants and insect houses to attract different species to populate the gardens. Visitors can also check out The Daikin Climate Zone on the site with information about how to reduce your own carbon footprint. 

After I had pulled myself away from the huge screens in the main room (I could have watched it over and over), I found the breakout zones - Micro Life and Water Life. The latter was my favourite. I won’t give it away but I did turn into a very big kid and had great fun playing with some very entertaining and interactive technology. 

GLT editor Keeley Rodgers outside BBC Earth Experience at the Daikin Centre in London.

Keeley outside the BBC Earth Experience which opened at the Daikin Centre in London earlier this year.

I plucked up the courage to press the big red button in the ‘scary’ room next to Micro Life too, which reveals lots of creepy crawlies. 

It sounds a cliché but there really is something for everyone. I saw a mix of children and older groups all enjoying the wonders of our incredible world.

The experience ends with a sobering message from Sir David Attenborough himself who reminds us why we need to act now, and fast. It certainly left an impression. 

For group bookings and information about the BBC Earth Experience, telephone 0800 086 2714 or email info@bbcearthexperience.com. Tickets are on sale until January 2024.