Trips for ramblers

When planning a group walking trip we typically tend to think of country dales and trekking through acres of fields in muddy wellies. However, there are many locations all around the globe that you may not realise could be the ideal place for groups rambling trips.

Hong Kong

When you think of Hong Kong, what springs to mind might be its skyscrapers or its metropolis but what may go unrecognised is how unspoiled Hong Kong’s countryside is. The Hong Kong Trail is a 50 kilometre route that takes you through five of Hong Kong’s country parks. 

If you’re up for a challenge, the MacLehose Trail offers 128 miles of walking ground surrounded by the National and Country Park. On your travels you could also discover the mountainous Lantau Trail and the fishing village of Tai O, where locals build their houses on stilts, or venture across to Lamma Island where there are no cars.

New York

Pictured: New York skyline

New York

Whilst New York is perhaps most famously known for the Statue of Liberty, busy streets and its bagels, it is also a great place for groups of avid walkers. With its gigantic skyscrapers, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre and more, New York is ideal for photography savvy people, and by exploring on foot, your trip will be filled with action and excitement.

South Korea

South Korea is still a very mysterious location with parts of it still somewhat unknown to many travellers. This makes it perfect for groups of ramblers to discover its cultural backwaters and historical quirks. 

You may wish to start your journey in South Korea’s capital, Seoul, where there is over 4,000 years of history and culture. South Korea is also home to the Seoraksan National Park, where you can walk up beautiful peaks and through pinewood forests that lead you to the picturesque coastlines. The three hour hike up to Baegundae is one of the most popular trails, involving Seoul’s highest peak, and would make a great group excursion. 


Malta and Gozo

Whilst the majority of people may think of Malta as a summer location, it may be surprising to hear that it is actually a great setting for the autumn and spring months as well, which would mean cooler temperatures for walking trips. 

The rainfall after a hot summer brings lots of wild flowers into bloom, creating a stunning scenic view. The island’s landscape is covered with peaks and valleys and is host to a range of culture from Arabic language to British quirks.

Gozo, although in close proximity to Malta, is vastly different. With much greener land and less busy towns, Gozo could be ideal for ramblers who want a more traditional style of walking. 

There are many fruit farms on the island and stunning bays to take a swim in, but exploring this island is best done on foot. Gozo Coastal Walk offers 55 kilometres of countryside and coastal walking.


Pictured: Fields and farmland in Malta


The Caribbean islands are packed with culture with a mix of languages being spoken throughout. If you’re interested in a more relaxed walking adventure, then the Caribbean should be considered. 

You’ll never be short of something to do, from sighting the beautiful wildlife of Trinidad and Tobago, to tasting Barbados’ rum, to hiking up the peaks of St Lucia. The Caribbean island of Saba also hosts several hiking trails that loop around its volcanic mountain.


The most obvious attraction of Ontario is Niagara Falls, however there are plenty of walking trails which take you around the lesser known lakes and less famous but just as spectacular waterfalls. 

Your walks will be full of scenic views and will never be without challenge. The Bruce Trail is possibly one of Ontario’s biggest walking trails, stretching 800 kilometres. The trail also offers up to 400 kilometres of associated trails.

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