Wilton%E2%80%99s Music Hall Announces Limited Run Of Musical Floyd Collins %7C Group Theatre News

Wilton’s Music Hall has announced that it will present a four week run of Floyd Collins between this September and October.

Floyd Collins tells the true story of cave explorer Floyd Collins who became trapped when exploring a cave deep underground in 1925 Kentucky.

The show follows the race against time that took place as Collins’ family and friends fought to set him free whilst also keeping his spirits up throughout the weeks that followed.

The production also portrays how his plight caught the eye of the media, and how the whole country became riveted by his story.

The all new production will run at East End’s Wilton’s Music Hall from 21st September to 15th October and will be accompanied by a haunting score.

Songs from the score include Daybreak, Ballad of Floyd Collins, Is That Remarkable? and Through the Mountain.

The musical will be directed by Jonathan Butterell and includes music and lyrics by Adam Guettel and additional lyrics by Landau.

Floyd Collins is presented in association with Wilton’s Music Hall, by special arrangement with R&H Theatricals Europe.

About the rescue mission

Floyd Collins became trapped in a narrow crawlway in Sand Cave in January 1925 while trying to discover a new entrance to the system of underground caves.

The coverage of the event turned into what was considered to be the third-biggest media event between the world wars, with tens of thousands of tourists visiting the site during the rescue mission.

Vendors even set up stalls to sell food and souvenirs, creating a circus-like atmosphere.

After four days, a further collapse in the cave meant the entrance passageway was closed and Collins’ could no longer receive food and water.

After 14 days underground, he died of thirst and exposure, a mere three days before a rescue shaft reached his position.

For more information visit www.wiltons.org.uk.