Trioperas, a show described as ‘three operas in one evening’ will open in May 2018 for the first time, at the Peacock Theatre in London.

The musical performance will include three operas: Turandot, Madame Butterfly and Carmen. Tickets are on sale now.

Synopsis: Trioperas

Trioperas is described as a fusion of classical music, musical theatre, circus and dance that re-creates three popular operas with ‘show stopping energy, bold choreography and memorable music that everyone knows and loves’.

The show is written and created by musician, producer and lawyer Pamela Tan-Nicholson, who is famous for combining traditional techniques with contemporary methods of performance. 

This reimagining of three classic operas flips the conventional depiction of the female protagonists – a Chinese princess, a Japanese geisha and a Spanish gypsy – and instead portrays them as reluctant heroines, generations ahead of their time. Turandot is a cross-dressing daredevil warrior-princess, Madame Butterfly is an ambitious and proud Japanese geisha and Carmen, the free-spirited Spanish gypsy party girl, struggles to stay faithful to her devoted but incompatible lover. 

The cast includes dancers, acrobats, singers and an onstage orchestra. 

Trioperas is in three 35-minute acts, incorporating, among other things, breakdancing, ballet, tap, kung-fu, salsa, and Chinese lion wushu techniques. 

In an innovative take on theatre catering, Trioperas offers ‘opera boxes’ which can be purchased pre-show and at each interval (there are two) allowing audiences to delve further into the cultures explored on stage. 

Group information

Group tickets are available for groups with more than eight people and more than 12 people. Group organisers can book through or by calling 020-7206 1174.

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