St Albans Halloween Tours Available For Groups This Winter %7C Group Travel News

St Albans Tour Guides will offer guided tours of the ancient cathedral city of St Albans from Halloween onwards this winter.

Groups will find a tour guide taking them around the Medieval cobbled streets of the city to the centuries-old buildings where ghosts are claimed to have been spotted.

These including a building in the market place where the ghost of a a ten year old named Charlie, who died in the 1880s, is said to regularly greet people.

The 11th century cathedral is also thought to be haunted.

Night watchmen have said to have spotted robed figures over the shrine of St Alban (Britain’s first saint) and have heard the organ being played at night when no one else was around.

The White Hart Hotel on Holywell Hill is also home to some stories.

The hotel was built in the 1500s and apparently many ghosts haunt the hotel and have been seen by staff over the years.

The ghost-hunting TV show Most Haunted spent five days in the hotel recording ghostly activity, including the apparent apparition of a woman who was beheaded in 1820.

It’s said she died when she failed to duck when a coach entered the hotel’s low entrance to the courtyard.

It is now believed that she haunts the hotel, dressed in the travelling clothes of the 1920s.

The story was told by Charles Dickens in his first novel, Pickwick Papers.

The show also broadcast a ghost of a 12 year old girl on the backstairs telling the team that she died in a fire there during 1832.

The tours will begin on the 17th of October and continue until Halloween on the 31st, and there will also be additional tours available on the 9th and 25th of November and the 7th December.

On Halloween itself, there will be four tours departing at 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm and 8:30pm and each costs £5 with group bookings of 12 adults.

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