Saga holidays has introduced a new collection of cruise and stay breaks, which will see guests exploring the picturesque canals and waterways of rural France aboard a barge.


The new collection of week-long cruises combine the ‘charm of a leisurely day cruise past famous vineyards, sleepy villages and Medieval towns, with a relaxing stay in a carefully selected hotel’.

A typical daily programme will consist of a morning cruising aboard the barge, followed by afternoons of exploration, and an overnight stay in a hotel.

Meet Natalia

Groups can enjoy passing scenery on board Natalia, where you can enjoy the views from the barge’s panoramic windows or out on the deck.

Natalia is a newly commissioned barge that has been designed specifically for a morning of cruising, followed by a light lunch of local specialities served on board, before hopping on a coach to further explore on an excursion.

GTOs who’d like to book a longer holiday can do so by extending cruises further than a week.

Itinerary options

There are several week-long itineraries to pick from, that might include the wine regions of Sancerre and the attractions around the River Loire, or the Medieval old towns of Provins and Auxerre.

There’s also an option to cruise to St Florentin for an evening barbeque at the romantic former monastery, Abbaye de Reigny. Bordeaux, Provence, the Loire and Normandy are all destinations on offer with the Saga programme.

Group booking with Saga

The Saga barges are suitable for group bookings, allocation dependant. There is a dedicated group sales department who look after booking of nine or more customers – GTOs should call 0800 300 666 for information and holiday bookings.

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