Royal Botanic Gardens Kew%3A new events for spring

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew has released details of its new group friendly events for Easter and spring next year.

Around Easter 2016, on Saturday 19th March and Sunday 10th April, a variety of events will run, such as arts and crafts activities and a series of chocolate-related experiences.

For starters, visitors will have the chance to explore a Lindt chocolate trail that will lead visitors around the gardens.

Then a series of Bean to Bar workshops will give people the chance to get hands-on by making their own chocolate, whilst learning about the production of the product.

The Palm House and Princess of Wales Conservatory, meanwhile, will teach guests how humans have used various plants to improve and change the taste of cacao throughout history to create chocolate as people know it today.

Head of visitor programmes, Adam Farrar, commented, “Easter at Kew is all about fun, family, learning and of course chocolate! We are delighted to be partnering with Lindt and their iconic Lindt Gold Bunny brand for a magical chocolate experience on site. Our flavour trail and hands-on sessions give youngsters the opportunity to explore the world of chocolate – from cocoa pods to delicious Easter eggs.”

Spring activity at Kew

Come spring, the gardens at Kew will display over five million bulbs of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils.

Some features in the garden worth visiting at this time include the snowdrop collection in the Rock Garden, or over two million blue, white and mauve crocuses at Victoria Gate. These will stretch beyond the Temple of Bellona and towards King William’s Temple, whereas the Temple of Aeolus will be surrounded by daffodils.

Exotic bulbs can also be found in the Davis Alpine House and 250 magnolias will spring up across the garden sin early April.

Later in the season, deep blue chinodoxa siehei will carpet the lawns surrounding White Peaks. These plants are also known as Glory of the Snow in Western Turkey as they emerge from the melting snow of the mountains.

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