Nether Alderly Mill

A historic corn mill in Cheshire is now open for visitors and will allow them to find out more about the millers who worked there.

Nether Alderly Mill is now open and welcomes all visitors to discover the stories of past workers.

Groups who visit the mill will also discover more about the milling process under the sloping roof of the building which is traced back to the 16th century.

Guided tours

Guided tours of the mill are available weekdays until 1st October.

On a tour groups will also see two of the waterwheels used which are in working order.

You can also see old graffiti of the names of previous millers which be found on the stone walls of the mill. The mill stone is another item that you may locate on your visit; it is said to weigh over a tonne.

The mill pond which has acted as the main power source since the 1500s and the kiln, where you can take a look inside to see how the grain was dried, are also on the tour agenda. 

St Mary's cChurch is also across the road from the attraction for groups interested in visiting both.

History of the Nether Alderly Mill

Between the 1500s and 1939 the mill was used by millers who lived in the nearby village and their families. However once wheat became more expensive and technology developed it became increasingly more difficulty to continue milling at Nether Alderly Mill. Eventually it stopped altogether.

However, in 1950 the mill was handed to the National Trust.

The machinery at nNether Alderly Mill is thought to be more than 100 years old, with parts being found to have originated from the year 1871. 

Groups wanting to book a visit or tour should call 01625 445 893 or email

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