One of Scotland’s most famous attractions has reopened after a £1.5 million transformation project from Continuum Attractions to engage, entertain and inform visitors about the mysterious Loch Ness Monster. 

Loch Ness Centre, Scotland

Source: Paul Campbell

Groups can now explore the transformed Loch Ness Centre which gives a deeper insight into the history of the great beast.

The newly named Loch Ness Centre explores the iconic story behind the loch, alongside the scientific research that has turned ‘Nessie’ into a world famous name.

Located at the old Drumnadrochit Hotel, where, 90 years ago, Mrs Aldie Mackay hotel manageress reported seeing a ‘water beast’ in Loch Ness, the centre is described as a modern immersive journey.

Continuum Attractions, the company behind the transformation projects, looks after many group-friendly attractions across the UK such as Oxford Castle & Prison, Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and Coronation Street The Tour in Manchester. 

There’s a new Prologue Room at the beginning of the visit that aims to spark imagination for what is to come, plus a dedicated space which explores the media stories and sensations reporting Nessie sightings over the years.

Some of the group benefits when visiting the Loch Ness Centre

  • Group rates available for tours and cruises on the loch itself for ten or more people.
  • Dedicated groups & trades manager to assist with the visit.
  • Priority admission – no need to queue.
  • Complimentary refreshments for the coach driver.
  • Free familiarisation visit (for up to two people).

During the one-hour experience, guests become part of the quest, discovering the real stories and meeting the many real and historic characters associated with the search for the truth about Loch Ness and Nessie.

Throughout eight immersive rooms, groups can delve deeper not just into history of the Loch Ness phenomenon but also the scientific research carried out by Adrian Shine and The Loch Ness Project (based on site), showcasing scientific methodology and real artefacts such as a real mini submarine, real underwater cameras, boats, sonar equipment all used in the quest to uncover the secrets of the 23-mile long Loch.

More highlights

In ‘People and Stories’, guests will explore some of the most famous sightings and hoax’s linked to Nessie, set in the ‘bar of the old hotel’ guest meet old and young Mrs Aldie Mackay and learn how her one sighting changed history forever; and gave birth to a modern legend.

Guests’ hunt for the truth doesn’t end after the tour, tickets include an optional 12-month membership to The Loch Ness Quest, giving exclusive access to the latest Nessie sightings, events and news.

Groups can go on to explore the depths of the world’s most famous loch for themselves onboard the centre’s vessel, Deepscan, named after the Operation Deepscan expedition carried out on the loch in 1987.

Loch Ness Centre, Scotland

Source: Paul Campbell

The investment comes from Continuum Attractions after it was announced earlier this year that the company would be taking over the attraction.

Juliana Delaney, chief executive of continuum, said: “It’s an honour to open the doors to the newly imagined Loch Ness Centre. This must be one of the world’s greatest stories and it deserved a more modern and immersive presentation, which I hope we have delivered. We are very aware we are only temporary guardians of this amazing legend and we want to invest in keeping the search alive.

“There’s also a surprise for guests too when they hear who our narrator is!”

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