Physic Garden at Palace of Holyroodhouse

It has been revealed that the Royal Collection Trust will be creating a new public garden at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

The new garden will be inspired by the 17th century physic garden that was once within the palace grounds.

Work on the new garden is expected to start this winter with the garden opening to the public in spring 2019. 

The new garden

The garden will be created in the 2,500 metre squared area behind the palace’s Abbey Strand building.

The physic garden will have raised flowerbeds laid out in a geometric pattern to reflect the design of earlier botanic gardens.

The year round planting will include both indigenous and exotic medicinal plants that would have been grown during the 17th century, such as birthwort, feverfew, and scurvy grass.

Alongside the garden will be a flowering meadow evoking the 15th century monastic garden of Holyrood Abbey, which is said to have been the palace’s first recorded garden.

The Palace Forecourt will also be opened up to the public, and a new Learning Centre is being planned.

The plans for the new garden come after a £10 million investment by the Royal Collection Trust, in order to transform the experience of visiting Edinburgh’s royal palace.

Holyroodhouse for groups

Groups visiting the Palace of Holyroodhouse can arrange special visits and tours which give a deeper insight into the palace and gardens.

Special rates are also available for groups with 15 or more members. GTOs can benefit from free admission when visiting with their groups. 

The Palace of Holyroodhouse is part of the Royal Collection Trust.

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