A fountain at English Heritage’s Witley Court and Gardens, Worcestershire, is ready to entertain visitors once more following a cleaning and repair project.

Witley Court

Source: English Heritage

Witley Court and Gardens Perseus and Andromeda fountain.

The historic Perseus and Andromeda fountain depicts the action-packed Greek myth of Perseus and Andromeda. It sees Andromeda chained to a rock as a sacrifice to appease a sea monster sent by Poseidon, as Perseus comes to rescue her.

The newly renovated fountain will fire water on the hour every day until 31st October.

The fountain features a surrounding pool of water, and the central jet reaches a height of 30 metres, complemented by almost 30 more jets hidden amongst parts of the sculpture.

Witley Court and Gardens for groups

The Witley Court estate consists of 62 acres of parkland, gardens, and mansion ruins. There is also a visitor centre and a tea room, to complement visits.

Groups can pre-book guided tours, which last approximately one hour. These tours are suitable for parties with as many as 35 people.

The tours look at both the mansion and its history as well as the gardens, taking in the fountain, too. 

Groups of 11 or more people will receive a 15% discount, and one GTO per group and a coach driver will also get free admission.

Free familiarisation visits can be arranged, too.

More about Witley

Witley Court and Gardens has a lot to offer visitors with an interest in landscapes and garden history.

The location features informal wilderness and wildlife gardens, woodland walks, a nine acre lake and waterfall, and restored parterre gardens.

In 1937 Witley Court was devastated by a fire, and the mansion ruins now stand as a backdrop to the grounds.

For more information, visit www.english-heritage.org.uk/witley.