Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace has recently revealed details of its brand new 2017 ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour.

The theme of the new guided tour will be ‘Restoration and Conservation’ and will be available from 9th January until 8th February, running twice daily, six days a week.

The new tour will give visitors and in-depth look into what is being done in each of the State Rooms as Blenheim Palace starts its annual deep clean.

The tour will look at two important aspects: the running of the palace, including restoring art, buildings and tapestries; and preservation and repair of the historical and cultural site and artefacts.

Additionally, it will examine the theme of renovation, and explore how Blenheim Palace must also modernise whilst remain a comfortable family home, as well as appeal to visitors.

One of the recent renovations has been carried out on the Bouchain Tapestry, the 18th century tapestry depicting one of Britain’s military victories, which is 25 feet wide and almost 15 feet high. 

The tour will also consider projects such as The Eyes, which was painted in 1928 for the second wife of the ninth Duke, Gladys Deacon, and how such projects are cared for.

Each piece of work throughout Blenheim Palace, from clocks to paintings, often require specialist and niche attention, with specialists sought from all over the world to complete the tasks of restoring the pieces of history. Visitors will get the chance to learn more about this during the tours.

Additional information about Blenheim Palace

In 1704 the Battle of Blenheim was won which was led by John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough. He was given the park, Woodstock Manor and the money to build Blenheim Palace as a gift from Queen Anne.

Many of the stately rooms at the palace are home to art collections and galleries that visitors are able to see during their visits. Visitors can also explore the grounds and parkland.

Groups can get discounted entry when visiting Blenheim palace.

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