Derren Brown

Following three years of development, work is now underway on Thorpe Park’s biggest investment to date: a Derren Brown ride created by the man himself.

It has been termed ‘the world’s first fully immersive attraction’ and has been designed to manipulate the human mind and leave you questioning where perception ends and reality begins.

While further details are yet to be revealed about the ride, it’s been confirmed that each visitor to the new attraction will experience a 13 minute-long journey.

The footprint of the new experience will encompass 2,306 square metres and is being worked on by a team of over 1,000 specialists.

Derren Brown

Brown, who is best known for his TV specials and interactive stage shows, has become synonymous with the art of illusion, misdirection and hypnotism since he first came to prominence with his early Channel 4 shows in 2000.

The award winning ‘mentalist’ promises that these skills, which allow him to both predict and control human behaviour, will be showcased fully at the new themed experience, which is due to premiere at the park in March.

Derren Brown commented: “We are keeping the full details under wraps but I can say that the attraction will take you on a journey like no other, an attraction where no one will have quite the same experience and where the guests will be unable to make the distinction between what is real or imagined!”

Group booking information

GTOs will be able to book group tickets to Thorpe Park in 2016. This is a new offer, rates of which are to be confirmed in 2016.

Groups who would like an extended stay at Thorpe Park resort can book hotel rooms onsite, or alternatively, stay in one of the hotels outside of the park, which include The Crown Hotel or Hilton St Anne’s Manor.

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