Woburn Abbey

Woburn Abbey now has even more to offer visitors including new parkland tours around the site.

New private tours of Woburn Abbey’s parkland will be available for visitors in 2017 and will include entry to Woburn Abbey Gardens. 

Visitors will be able to explore over 3,000 acres of landscape surrounding Woburn in tours that are expected to last up to two hours.

Groups will be driven through the park by an experienced guide and will be able to learn about Humphrey Repton’s original designs and inspiration for the landscape. 

The tours will give visitors the chance to see features that are not usually visible to the public and find out more about the hidden details of Woburn Abbey and its landscape.

These tours will be available in the 2017 season, which has been extended until 29th October.

Other new features at Woburn Abbey in 2017:

The Woburn Abbey Garden Show will take place on the 24th and 25th June 2017 and will provide visitors with specialist talks, stalls and demonstrations.

Woburn Abbey and Bletchley Park will also be offering joint offers for groups. Next year, pre-booked groups will be able to visit both Woburn Abbey and Gardens and Bletchley Park with a lunch deal included.

The Woburn Experience, meanwhile, allows visitors the chance to visit Woburn Abbey and combine it with a trip to Woburn Safari Park.

What’s more, continuing in 2017, visitors to Woburn Abbey will be able to take a look at the historic Oakley’s Doll’s House. The doll’s house is completely furnished and was made by Leo and Phyllis Russell. It is a replica in miniature form of the Oakley house, which was once owned by the Russell family.

Visitors will also be able to explore the interiors of Woburn Abbey through a new exhibition. This exhibition will highlight the different ways in which the dukes and duchesses decorated the abbey with luxurious wallpapers, textiles and trimmings as the fashion changed over the centuries. 

Visitors can also get the chance to see Woburn through the eyes of Queen Victoria during her visit in 1841 and discover the family’s connections.

For more information visit www.woburnabbey.co.uk or phone 0152-5290333.