New Lawrence Of Arabia Exhibition Announced For National Civil War Centre %7C Group Travel News

The National Civil War Centre has announced a new exhibition – Shifting Sands: the Legend of Lawrence of Arabia – which will run from October until next summer.

The exhibition will focus on the story of Lawrence of Arabia and how, when Britain was scarred by the death and mud of World War One, a reporter stumbled across the Welsh-born soldier in Arab dress in Jerusalem.

Groups visiting will also discover more about the so-called romantic character who helped lead the Great Arab Revolt against the Turkish Ottoman Empire and how much of the tale is true – as well as what the impact has been on today’s Middle East.

A number of artefacts will be on display, including a bullet fired by Lawrence himself and eyewitness accounts.

Victors will also be able to see the results of digs by intrepid archaeologists in Arabia.

National Civil War Centre

Groups visiting the National Civil War Centre can discover how the people of Newark survived three sieges by dodging cannon fire and hammering flat family silver to make coins – only for plague to then ravage the town.

Visitors can feel the weight of armour and weapons, and get a feel for what the life of a Parliamentarian gunner was like.

Many artefacts can be found at the museum, such as the Roundhead musket that killed Royalist John Hussey of Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire when he was defending the town of Gainsborough in 1643.

There’s also battlefield bone saws, siege silver and ancient archived documents on display.

For groups

Entry to the Lawrence of Arabia exhibition is included in the normal admission fee, and a ten per cent discount is available for groups of ten or more.

Guided tours can be arranged for groups, as well as catering options in the café, also.

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