New Heritage Past Port Guide Revealed For Lake District %7C Group Travel News

A new Heritage Past Port guide is now available to groups visiting the Lake District that gives groups an insight into the hidden sides of 33 heritage attractions.

The free guide, which is available to download from the Cumbria Living History Heritage website, highlights the lesser known sides of Cumbria’s Living Heritage attractions, and suggests offbeat things to discover such as the 21 fruits of pomology, a bee penthouse and a 700-year-old-cat.

Groups can also track down places associated with Beatrix Potter, learn about the 17th century Radish feast, and visit locations associated with one of England’s most popular poets, William Wordsworth.

The Heritage Past Port also features quirky facts and details about each attraction, and where to go to learn about famous historic characters, personalities, gardeners and artists.

Cumbria Living Heritage spokesperson and chair, Peter Frost-Pennington, commented, “With England’s largest window in the flowing decorated gothic style, one of the most haunted buildings in the UK (Muncaster Castle), and the National Trust’s largest collection of Medieval culinary plants, we have superlatives to shout about.

“Add to this amazing features such as 200 herbs laid out as a Medieval manuscript, a ‘Living Quilt’, a fish from the last Ice Age and a contemporary Bayeux Tapestry, and we justifiably believe we have richly rewarding and exciting days out to offer, which really shatter the image of the dusty historic experience.

“Group travel organisers can also use the Heritage Past-Port to plan their itineraries and enliven their itinerary descriptions.”

The Cumbria Living History Heritage website also features a comprehensive group planning tool.

It gives groups exclusive access to information about each attraction and includes details such as what attractions are open out-of-hours for groups, where group meet-and-greet services and free parking is available, and where free meal vouchers are offered to coach drivers.

There is also a map, which will help groups scope out any additional attractions they may want to visit in just one day.

The guide and further information can be found at