York Minster

Groups visiting York in the near future can take what’s been termed a ‘photo walk’ around the city, in order to snap some of York’s most beautiful and iconic sights.

The photo walk, titled Capture York, has been set up by local photographers Steven Eric Parker and James Drury.

Groups walking the picturesque trail will be able to photograph York’s most iconic and scenic landmarks.

The expert guides will show those on the walk the best vantage points for snapping a good picture.

They will also be on hand to offer advice and tips to help budding photographers hone their photography skills and create some amazing images.

Tours are arranged in the early evening in order to walk the city when the light is softer and the city quieter. There will also be the chance to learn about some of York’s history along the way.

Highlight sights might include the Holy Trinity Church, The Shambles, Stonegate and York Minster. You don’t need to be a photography expert to enjoy the experience.

Group booking information

Group travel organisers interested in booking their group onto a photo walk should call 07747-460001 or e-mail captureyork@gmail.com.

More in York

Group travel organisers can pair a photo walk in the city with some of York’s other attractions, like the York Cold War Bunker, Fairfax House and the National Railway Museum.

York itself is full of culture, art, history and heritage, combined with boutique shopping and a host of cosy bistros and pubs where visitors can sample some fine Yorkshire specialities.

There are also a number of events taking place throughout the year. Don’t miss highlights like the Illuminating York festival, taking place in October, or the York Christmas Market, running throughout the festive period.

For further information visit www.visityork.org.