GLT attended the opening of the incredible new museum experience in London, BODY WORLDS.


Taking visitors on a fascinating journey through the human body, the attraction at the iconic London Pavilion is made up of some 200 exhibits, the most unique of which are real human bodies. 

The experience is both entertaining and informative, shedding new light on the impact of hectic 21st century life on the human body, inviting you to consider the impact of life on your own bodies. 

Set up in the former home of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, BODY WORLDS is a truly immersive experience and you can expect to be amazed throughout. 

Just some of the highlights: 

Real bodies: Yes, that’s right. But don’t worry, while it’s quite shocking at times, the exhibition is done so beautifully that you almost forget you’re looking at actual bodies – it’s very artistic. The bodies have all been preserved through the process of plastination and it means you can see the definition of the muscle – absolutely fascinating. 

The laughter area: This was one of my favourites, exploring the effect of laughter on the body – and you guessed it, having a go yourself – however forced. There’s even a relaxing area complete with swings and a harmonic water feature. 

Grey matter: There’s plenty of colour and interaction in the first display area of the museum which is all about the brain. With various exhibits, videos and interactive guides (through your audio set), it takes you on a fascinating journey as you learn more about your brain than you thought possible. 

BODY WORLDS is the work of German doctor Gunther van Hagens, who you may know as the man who performed an autopsy live on Channel 4 in 2002 which was the first public autopsy in 170 years. 

He invented the process of plastination (which involves replacing the fat and water in the body with plastic) and said the museum in London was the “culmination” of his work. 

Since it began touring back in 1995, BODY WORLDS has already attracted over 47 million visitors in more than 130 cities worldwide. 

The creators of BODY WORLDS hope that the displays, featuring real anatomical specimens, and interactive exhibits will not only make visitors more health-conscious but will also spark an interest in the science of anatomy and physiology.

Creative director, Dr Angelina Whalley, commented: “BODY WORLDS is a transformative experience that illuminates the miracles of the human body which we take for granted every day. We are thrilled to finally open up a BODY WORLDS Museum in London.” 


Pictured: BODY WORLDS display (photo credit: Jeff Moore).


“I am now able to understand my body in a much better way! Congratulations on such a sensational exhibition and a very enlightening tour.” – Steffi Graf, German tennis player

“It is amazing and enlightening. A fascinating learning experience. I will never take my body for granted again.” – Tony Hawk, US Skateboarder

“Absolutely side-splitting. Eye opening. I never knew there was so much going on inside.” – Gary Oldman, UK actor, stage director & film producer 

Group visits

BODY WORLDS offers special rates for groups of 10 plus. 

For information and to buy tickets visit