100 Hands by Luke Hayes

A line-up of exhibitions is in store for the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard this year, with one highlight in particular set to be an exhibit on British tattooing.

Tattoos have a long tradition with the Royal Navy and Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed will offer a comprehensive history of British tattooing.

Opening on 25th June through to December, this artistic exhibit is said to be the largest gathering of real objects and original tattoo artwork ever assembled in the UK.

Featuring over 400 original artworks, photographs and historic artefacts, the exhibit will feature the work from cutting edge designers, leading academics and major private collectors.

Developed by the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, this is an opportunity for groups to see the popular exhibition as it goes on tour across the UK.

More at the Dockyard

Opening on 15th June will be Silent and Secret, an exhibition that will mark the 50th anniversary of HMS Resolution, the Royal Navy’s first Polaris SSBN (Submersible Ship Ballistic Nuclear), commencing her first operational patrol.

The exhibition will focus on personal accounts and key objects at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum and will explore the history of the British nuclear deterrent.

The exhibition will be a ‘timely opportunity’ to reveal the challenging nature of working in submarines, highlighting the experiences of those who serve and raising awareness about why there is a nuclear deterrent and the role of the modern Royal Navy Submarine Service.

Visitors will also have a chance to learn about the fascinating unknown achievements of nuclear submarines.

Group information

Group travel organisers will find a number of guided tours and packages available at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Discounted rates are also available, for groups of 15 people or more.

For further details visit www.historicdockyard.co.uk.

(Photo credit: NMMC).