The self-guided walk-through experience is said to further enhance LEGO® MYTHICA: World of Mythical Creatures, a themed land at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. 

Magical Forest in LEGO MYTHICA at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

Source: LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

There is fun to be had walking through the Magical Forest.

Opening for the first time on Saturday 30th April, The Magical Forest is described as an immersive experience inviting children and their families into the heart of LEGO MYTHICA, where weird and wonderful creatures built out of tens of thousands of LEGO® bricks are brought to life.

You can expect to come face to face with different creatures that populate the mythical realm, from Crystal Claw Crabs and Flower Horn Rhinos to Baby Lava Dragons and Venus Fly Traps.

Plus, with Augmented Reality (AR) visitors can experience the Bits and Bobs coming to life, as well as a Venus Fly Trap game.

After making you way through The Magical Forest, visitors will enter the Lava Dragon’s cave, which will swoop and sail over their heads.

Helen Bull, divisional director at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, said: “We’re hugely excited to be launching The Magical Forest which deep dives into LEGO MYTHICA in an extraordinarily captivating way.

“Kids and their parents will be able to explore this enchanting walk-through experience filled with an abundance of amazing mythical creatures built out of LEGO® bricks. We can’t wait to welcome families once again to this epic land which received 5-star reviews last year and is the perfect place for families to build memories together and let their imaginations run wild.”

Magical Forest in LEGO MYTHICA at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

Source: LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

Huge models within the attraction help bring creatures to life.

The Magical Forest is the first new attraction to be unveiled at LEGO MYTHICA, since the multi-million-pound land opened at the Resort in May last year.

LEGO MYTHICA: World of Mythical Creatures also features the UK’s first ever flying theatre ride, Flight of The Sky Lion, which takes guests on a 4D film adventure on board a flying gondola where they soar, swoop and dive with guardian Maximus on an adventure through the epic world.

The land includes the Fire and Ice Freefall drop tower ride and the water ride, Hydra’s Challenge.

LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is a popular family theme park aimed at children aged 2 -12. It has over 55 interactive rides, attractions, live shows, building workshops and driving schools, not to mention a staggering 80 million LEGO® bricks, all set in 150 acres of beautiful parkland. It offers discounted entry for groups and free coach parking.

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