Leeds Castle

A new experience will be opening in May this year at Leeds Castle in Kent that will focus on World War Two. 

Groups will be encouraged to learn about the role Leeds Castle and the surrounding countryside played during World War Two in the new experience that’s called Battle for the Skies.

Visitors will get to experience a dramatic surround-sound display which will depict the Battle of Britain taking place in the skies above Kent.

A tour of the castle can also be booked where visitors can hear how ‘top secret’ plans were formed between Geoffrey Lloyd, the minister for petroleum and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The tour will also explain how the castle became both a field hospital and a base for top secret testing of new weapons.

More for groups at Leeds Castle

Visiting groups can visit the Bird of Prey Centre, open daily, housing 30 birds of prey and 21 different species, from British kestrel to a caracara from South America, to kookaburras from Australia. Groups can also watch falconry displays.

There is also the hidden Mill Garden that visitors can book tours of to see the newly planted dwarf bulb tulips, muscari and narcissus, and red poppies which make for a colourful spring display on the rockery. 

The chance to picnic under the stars will also be offered, while being entertained by field cannons, fireworks and classical music performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Leeds Castle Classical Concert which will take place on 8th July.

For groups who love food, the Leeds Castle Food Festival running between 8th and 10th September will provide tasty goods from local food and drink producers. There will also be cookery demonstrations and live entertainment.

The Festival of Flowers taking place between 23rd and 28th September will see visitors taking part in floral workshops and viewing specialist talks and demonstrations.

A list of more upcoming events can be found on the website at www.leeds-castle.com/Groups