Journey With The Hobbit Across Lancaster Parkland This Summer %7C Group Travel News %7C Audiences enjoying the unique atmosphere of Lancaster's outdoor walkabout theatre season. Photo by Darren Andrews.

This summer, groups can join Bilbo, the dwarves and Gandalf to take part in an immersive theatre experience based around The Hobbit.

Tolkien’s adventure will be performed outdoors from the 5th July until the 13th August. The show will see audiences following the action throughout different locations in Lancaster’s Edwardian Williamson Park, as part of Dukes theatre’s tradition of providing immersive theatre.

The Hobbit tells the story of one hobbit’s quiet home in Bag End, The Shire, where nothing ever happens.

However, the hobbit’s life (and world) is turned upside down when he takes a journey to reclaim the powerful Arkenstone.

Parts of the park will be transformed for the production – parkland walkways will become enchanted forests and misty mountains filled with strange creatures will be recreated.

Visitors may spot wood-elves, magic spiders, goblins and even Gollum along the way.

The drama will be centred around Ashton Memorial, which was once described as the grandest monument in England. Here, audiences can enjoy sections of the show against a backdrop of the sunset and views of Morecombe Bay.

Groups can also bring their own picnic.

The Dukes walkabout shows have been running since 1987, transforming Williamson Park into Neverland, Oz and Ancient Greece over the years.

About the location

Williamson Park is a short drive from Lancaster city which is one of England’s Heritage Cities.

Local attractions include Lancaster Castle, the East Lancashire Railway, Blackpool Model Village and Gardens, Fleetwood Museum and the Pendle Witch Trail – as well as many places to shop, eat and drink.

Some hotels around Lancaster offer special theatre packages during The Dukes promenade season, too. Groups can find out more by visiting

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