Holiday on Ice.

The Brighton Centre has announced that Holiday on Ice is set to return in January 2018 with a new production, called TIME.

TIME will run from 5th January until 14th January 2018, celebrating “the best and most memorable times of our lives”.

About the show

TIME is described as a photo album filled with “snapshots” of memories we all share in common, such as falling in love, a first kiss, dancing until dawn and people’s wish to slow down time.

The show is directed and choreographed by David Liu, known for his innovative choreography, while Michael Sharpe has designed more than 300 costumes.

The cast will feature more than 25 ice skaters, including pair skaters Annette Dytrt and Yannick Bonheur, Lloyd Jones and Megan Marschall.

In addition, music is expected to play an essential part in the show, featuring well-known songs from the Universal Music Publishing catalogue, including hits by artists such as Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Seal and Michael Bublé. The show also includes classical pieces, such as Beethoven’s Sonata No.14 “Moonlight”.

Additional information

Holiday on Ice has been involved in entertainment on ice for more than seven decades, having attracted 328 hundred million visitors and guarantees quality performances from Olympic skaters.

For this season, Holiday on Ice reflects many aspects that the brand stands for, in terms of layout, figure skaters, costumes, festive atmosphere, music, style and elegance.

Group tickets for TIME at The Brighton Centre can be bought from or by contacting the group booking line on 01273-292695.