From a craft fair to a snowdrop walk, there are plenty of events taking place at Hever Castle in Kent in 2019.

Hever Castle

Hever Castle, known as the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife, will be hosting a variety of events and visits suitable for groups in 2019. 

New for 2019

October 2018 saw the launch of a new permanent art exhibition in the Long Gallery, guest curated by David Starkey, telling the story of the Tudors from the Wars of the Roses through to the Reformation. In 2019 a new multimedia guide will be available for visitors voiced by Dr Starkey to include the new exhibition.

Taking place from 5th to 8th September will be an all new contemporary craft and design fair in conjunction with Craft in Focus, an organisation that stages craft events showcasing leading designer’s works and craftsmanship. 

Events recommended for groups next year

Snowdrop Walk, taking place from 9th February will involve a trail of thousands of snowdrops starting to emerge from their winter hibernation. Groups can then stroll through the gardens and enjoy the early blossoms of camellia and quince. 

Dazzling Daffodils will take place from 20th to 24th March and will feature thousands of daffodils outside the castle walls. Visitors will find out more about the spring bloom at this event with free garden tours available.

Tulip Celebrations will begin from 24th to 30th April. Groups will be able to follow a trail throughout the grounds with special varieties to look out for and new areas planted. Free garden tours will also be available and many of the castle rooms will be filled with floral arrangements too.

Hever in Bloom from 25th until 30th June will allow you to experience the English Rose Garden at the height of its summer beauty with guided tours of the gardens and a floristry workshop available with Hever’s florist.

Autumn Colour from 1st October invites guests to visit during the cooler weather and enjoy the crunch of leaves underfoot and autumn tints. 

Christmas at Hever Castle begins on 23rd November until 24th December, with welcoming log fires and twinkling Christmas trees. Visitors will enjoy Christmas shopping in the gift shops, sampling delicious festive food in the restaurants and exploring the gardens at dusk as they are illuminated with up-lighting and colour washes. 

Group information

Group rates are available for 15 or more persons when the group arrives in the grounds together. 

The attraction is suitable for those with disabilities and discounted rates can be offered for groups who have a special need.

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