Harry Potter tours with Strawberry Tours

Group walking tours of London with a Harry Potter focus are available daily in the capital for enthusiasts of the book and film franchise. 

The tours, from Strawberry Tours, give groups an opportunity to explore the capital and learn about the buildings, streets and neighbourhoods, such as Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley, which inspired J K Rowling’s Harry Potter series and appeared in the films.

The tour, which lasts approximately two and a half hours, also gives groups the chance to shop for Harry Potter merchandise in specialist shops.

Led by knowledgeable Harry Potter guides, the tours are open to groups of up to 50 people and take place daily, starting from Leicester Square at 3.30pm.

There is no charge to join the tour, rather Strawberry Tours works on the basis of ‘pay-what-it’s-worth’.

Charles Purdue-Pulido, city manager at Strawberry Tours, commented: “We believe that everyone, no matter their budget, should be able to experience and enjoy what London has to offer. We also believe that the price of the tour should correlate with your budget and how much you enjoyed it. Therefore our tours run on a ‘pay-what-it’s-worth’ basis so that everyone can choose to donate whatever they thought it was worth.”

More tours from Strawberry Tours

As well as the Harry Potter tour, groups can join Strawberry Tours in London for excursions focusing on specific themes such as street art and Jack the Ripper, or more general tours of the capital concentrating on its major landmarks and history.

All groups are advised to book beforehand, however groups of ten or more must get in touch with Strawberry Tours in advance.

For more information call 020-7859 4996, e-mail hello@strawberrytours.com or visit www.strawberrytours.com/london.