Group travel organisers have had their say on a new entry fee for Venice which aims to curb over-tourism. 

Tourist boats in Venice, Italy

It’s said that around 20 million tourists visit the Italian city daily. 

As of 25th April, any tourists visiting Venice for the day will have to pay a €5 fee each on selected dates. The trial run ends on Sunday 5th May and the charge will then be enforced every weekend until Sunday 14th July (excluding 1st and 2nd June). 

It applies for any visit to the ‘old city’ which is the whole lagoon region but not to those staying overnight. 

When the fee is paid, visitors are given a QR code to help ‘streamline’ the process. 

GTO Lin Wilson, Solent Events & Leisure, said: “I don’t blame them for trying to limit the number of visitors because it definitely gets overcrowded at certain times of the year.

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GTO Lin Wilson said she didn’t blame the authorities for trying to reduce the number of visitors. 

“I would pay the fee but it’s a bit unfair for our coaches who have to pay an extra big fee to park anyway. We only go ‘out of season’ to Venice, either to stay or just visit, so would hope not to pay it then - only in mid-high season.

“Like most of Italy, hotels already have a tourist tax per person night which I imagine they will put up too. This is normally paid individually per person straight to the hotel.”

How the new tourist tax works

It applies to anybody visiting the ‘old city’ between 8.30am and 4pm on selected dates. People staying in the city for one night or more won’t have to pay but they must still register their trip online and will also receive a QR code to show that they are exempt. 

Groups will need to register their visit through a booking platform and receive a QR code which will then be checked at several access points around the city. 

The fee aims to discourage day visitors during peak periods, ensuring ‘sustainability for both residents and tourists’. 

Piazza San Marco with the Basilica of Saint Mark and the bell tower of St Mark's Campanile in Venice, Italy.

Day visitors to Venice will have to pay €5 to enter on selected dates. 

Group organiser Mary Gotts, GOTT 2 TRAVEL, isn’t convinced the payment will change anything. She said: “For groups it is yet another add on to remember and allow for.

“Venice is a stunning city but is always packed and crowded with tourists. This fee will not change anything or appease the frustration of the locals towards tourists. Who will be next to charge? Rome, Milan?!” 

Limits on group sizes

Another measure being introduced this year is a cap on visitor groups of 25 people, as well as the use of loudspeakers and microphones. These restrictions are coming into force from 1st June. 

Large groups will be prevented from entering the city centre as well as the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. 

There is already an overnight tax for people staying in Venice, as in other parts of Italy, which is based on the stars of the hotel, the length of your stay and the number of people.

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