Golden Eagle

The group rail tour operator, Great Rail Journeys has announced its holidays for 2019, with five new ‘bucket list adventures’ added to its portfolio.

The new tours will include destinations such as Bali, Canada and Russia and will incorporate activities such as seeing the Aurora Borealis and wolf spotting.

Julian Appleyard, commercial director at Great Rail Journeys, said: “We are really excited about the five great new adventures we have added to our portfolio. Constantly expanding our tours and destinations, we have now launched our first tour to Bali, as well as our new Grand Tour of the Orient. 

“With the aim to provide as many once-in-a-lifetime encounters as possible, customers can expect to discover wonders of the world, learn about indigenous communities and ride aboard awe-inspiring railways.

Destinations for 2019

The new tour range includes Yellowstone and Wolves in Winter, a 12-day adventure where guests will discover the best of the American Mid-West on this tour that showcases the beauty of Yellowstone National Park in Winter. 

The itinerary includes Salt Lake City, the National Elk Refuge, Yellowstone’s Upper Loop, Yellowstone’s Lower Loop, San Francisco, Lamar Valley and wolf spotting.

Other new tours include Eastern Canada & the Cabot Trail, Northern Lights & Russian Christmas, Grand Tour of the Orient, and The Indonesian Islands of Java & Bali, with more details about them to be found inside the Great Rail Journeys’ new brochure.

Great Rail Journeys is also offering an early bird booking offer for those who book a trip for 2019 before 1st June this year. One of the tours included in this offer is the Premium Trans-Siberian Express tour, which includes 19 days exploring half the world by train. 

This tour transports guests back to the romantic age of travel while onboard the Golden Eagle. The itinerary includes Berlin and Moscow, Kazan, Warsaw, Mongolia, Vladivstok and a private barbeque on the shores of Lake Baikal.

All tours include the services of a UK tour manager from start to finish, hotel accommodation, local guides, a programme of excursions, many meals in the hotel and at local restaurants and ‘first class service from specialist tour advisors’.

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