Infinity Blue

Measuring nearly nine metres tall and firing out vapour rings, a new ceramic sculpture has been unveiled at the Eden Project as the centrepiece of its newest exhibition.

Infinity Blue is an immersive, 20-tonne installation that pays homage to cyanobacteria, one of the world’s smallest living beings.

It is the centrepiece of Invisible Worlds, a major new permanent exhibition at the home of the famous Biomes in Cornwall, open now. The exhibition reveals the ‘untold and unseen stories of our planet beyond our senses’, which are too big, too small, too fast, too slow and too far away in space and time to be viewed.

The new structure contains 32 cannons which project scented vapour rings into the exhibition space of the newly-renovated Core education building. The scent of the vapour ‘tells a layered, 4.5 billion-year history of the atmosphere’.

Invisible Worlds

Groups visiting the new exhibition will explore a series of introductory digital exhibits: the Small, Vast and Past Invisible – which bring the Earth’s life support system into view. This system provides us with fresh air, clean water, fertile soil, nutritious food, rich biodiversity, a stable climate and a natural recycling system.

You’ll discover a multitude of curious microbes that keep you alive and find new ways of exploring what they do, plus be able to see what the Earth looks like from space.

Visitors can also enjoy exhibits and artworks that tell the story of the Human Microbiome: the trillions of microbes that live inside us that help to form, feed and protect us.

Plus, there is a roof top garden where its reveal that there’s more to rock than meets the eye, through the ‘Biology of Geology’.

Groups are welcome at the Eden Project and can take advantage of group rates and packages.

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