Elizabeth Gaskell's House and Garden

The Manchester home of famous writer, Elizabeth Gaskell, has revealed a new garden tour, which joins its current programme available to groups and coach parties visiting the attraction.

Situated in central Manchester at 84 Plymouth Grove, the heritage site will be of interest to groups keen on history, gardens, literature and the industrial revolution.

The new tour will introduce group visitors to the sort of garden that the Gaskell family would have enjoyed in the Victorian era. The choice of plants has been informed by references in Elizabeth’s letters and novels, as well as by Victorian garden history.

The layout is based on a detailed map of Manchester in 1850 which shows the paths and planting areas. Period plants are used where possible, with particular reference to Elizabeth Gaskell’s writings.

What else can groups expect?

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House offers private and bespoke group tours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays – these must be booked in advance. Prices include a guided tour, and a drink and slice of cake in the tearoom.

Group tours and visits last between one and two hours, and parties of between ten and 60 people can be accommodated in the house and garden at any given time. Bespoke tours include the following themes; Gaskell’s home life, Victorian Manchester and Elizabeth Gaskell’s literary career. Coaches can drop off directly outside the house.

Fresh from a complete refurbishment through a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant, the Grade 2 listed building will teach groups of visitors about the author of novels including Cranford, Mary Barton, Ruth, North and South, Sylvia’s Lovers, Cousin Phyllis and Sons and Daughters.

Elizabeth Gaskell was said to have been immensely popular and regularly received visits from such famous figures as Charles Dickens, Florence Nightingale and Ruskin, so there is plenty to learn about during a visit.

Group travel organisers wishing to book tours of Elizabeth Gaskell’s House or to request additional information should contact Sally Jastrzebski-Lloyd on 01612-732215.

For further information visit www.elizabethgaskellhouse.co.uk.

(Photo credit: Chris Tucker).