Colombia Lost City Wiwa Women and Travellers

The Indigenous Wiwa community of the Lost City in Colombia has partnered with G Adventures to allow travellers to explore the village for the first time.

Working alongside Wiwa Tours, an Indigenous travel company in the Sierra Nevada, the G Adventures seven-day Colombia – Lost City Trekking tour includes an Indigenous Wiwa guide, overnight stays in Wiwa camp sites and a new route, open exclusively to G Adventures and Wiwa Tours travellers.

Experience village life

Leading groups through the farmland surrounding the Lost City, the new route will pass through the Wiwa village of Gotsezhi, where your group will undergo a traditional soul-cleansing ceremony before entering.

Once inside, the group will visit the community, with a G Adventures chief experience officer to translate, learning first-hand about their customs, before enjoying a traditional meal cooked by the women using local ingredients.

The itinerary includes jungle trekking along river valleys and camping under the stars in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Swimming in natural pools, enjoying the jungle and mountain views and hiking the 1,200 steps to the Lost City are further highlights.

Group travel information

Group travel organisers are able to book this tour through the G Adventures’ Private Groups team, which can put on special departures for those looking to run group trips.

You can contact the Private Groups team at

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