The musical version of The War of The Worlds is being transformed into a visitor experience.

War of the Worlds visitor experience

Jeff Wayne’s musical version of The War of The Worlds is being transformed into an immersive visitor experience set to open on 31st May 2019 in London.

Titled Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of ‘The War of the Worlds’: The Immersive Experience, it will combine immersive theatre, virtual reality, augmented reality holograms and other cutting-edge technology to give audiences the chance to live through the ‘Martian invasion of 1898’.

The attraction will be held at The Old Metal Exchange in Central London.

What to expect from the experience

Visitors will be immersed from the moment they step inside The Old London Metal Exchange as it has been transformed for this Martian adventure.

VR headsets and multisensory storytelling techniques will stimulate the senses: visitors will be able to smell the grass, feel the chill of the story’s famous Horsell Common and physically feel the ground shake as the first cylinder lands. 

Live and virtual actors will guide small groups as they walk, crawl and slide through different scenes, like Primrose Hill where the Martians meet their demise, Ogilvy’s Observatory in Woking where you see the first cylinder leave Mars and the Essex seafront where the battle between the Martians and the ironclad Thunder Child meets its climatic end.

Over ninety minutes, visitors will experience all the emotions from the story. From the eerie calm of being served real-life tea in a Victorian household while Martians roam outside, to the awe-inspiring wonder of witnessing an enormous Martian Fighting Machine rise above them in virtual reality.

Visitors will end their experience in a ‘steampunk’ themed bar that will use digital technology to transform their surroundings.

Jeff Wayne commented: “Taking my Musical Version of The War of The Worlds and turning it into a virtual reality experience is ground-breaking, and I can’t wait to ‘live’ it myself.”

Groups of 12 plus can book via the website.

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