Curtain Call

The Roundhouse in London will host an immersive art installation this summer, called Curtain Call, which has been designed by architect and artist Ron Arad.

Curtain Call is a 360 degree creation. The ‘curtain’ will be made up of 600 silicon rods that are suspended from an 18 metre diameter ring, taking up the main circular space – from floor to ceiling – at the Roundhouse.

Groups visiting will be able to step into the installation, and see a number of projections on the ‘curtain’.

These projections have been created by a collection of artists.

The original showing of Curtain Call occurred in 2011 and this summer’s showing at Roundhouse will bring back some of the artists who worked on the project the first time. Other projections will come from new artists.

The installation has been described by its creators as a theatrical or cinematic experience.

Curtain Call will be open for groups to visit between 6th and 29th August. The installation comes as part of Bloomberg Summer at the Roundhouse, the annual season dedicated to introducing new audiences to innovative culture which returns for its fifth consecutive year.

Featuring artists

New artists contributing work to Curtain Call will include Kutiman, Marshmallow Laser Feast and Universal Everything. Kutiman is an Israeli musician, composer, producer and animator, known for his creation of audio-visual collages.

Marshmallow Laser Feast is a film-making group that creates interactive and real-time experiences. Drones, laser beams and projection mapping are some of the techniques they use to produce their work.

Universal Everything is a digital art practice that utilises modern technologies such as 3D printing, touch screens, motion capture, large format video displays and complex sound design to create large scale experiential works.

Returning artists whose work has been confirmed to feature in this year’s Curtain Call include Mat Colishaw, Babis Alexiadis, David Shrigley and Ori Gersht.

You can see a sneak peek of what’s to be expected in the video below:

Tickets start at £5 per person.

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