Clandon%2C following the fire.

The 18th century mansion at Clandon Park in Surrey suffered severe damages after a fire in April 2015, but plans are underway to restore the building back to its former glory.

Renovation plans for the National Trust property will see Clandon’s rich history recreated on the ground floor, while new modern spaces are due to change the look of the upper storeys.

Recreating the past

Despite suffering extensive damage during the fire, many significant historic features have survived from inside the mansion. More than 400 items were rescued and more are being recovered from the ashes every week.

Major architectural features have lasted, including fireplaces, panelling and decorative plasterwork, such as the marble chimney pieces and over mantels by the renowned sculptor John Michael Rysbrack from the Marble Hall.

What will change?

The state rooms on the ground floor are due to be restored back their original conditions. One of Clandon’s most important rooms – the Speakers’ Parlour – suffered only minor damage in the blaze and the entire external structure of the house as conceived by its Venetian architect remains in place.

Nonetheless, the first and second floors of the house collapsed during the fire and were completely destroyed.

These upper floors will be transformed to create spaces which can be used for future exhibitions, events and performances.

The restoration work will take a matter of years to complete; however an exhibition on the fire and the conservation work is planned for next summer. Details are to be confirmed on dates and entry fees.

You can watch the video below to find out more about Clandon and the fire:

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