Cirque du Soleil%2C Ovo

Cirque du Soleil has revealed that its immersive show Ovo will debut at London’s Royal Albert Hall from the 7th January until 11th February 2018, before it heads back to overseas stages.

Ovo will see a team of 50 performing artists from 17 countries demonstrate their acrobatic acts, in what’s described as a celebration of nature and co-existence.

About the show

Ovo means ‘egg’ in Portuguese and the show promises a ‘headlong rush into a colourful ecosystem teeming with life’, following the lives of insects that work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, fight and look for love.

When a mysterious egg appears all of a sudden, the insects are awestruck and curious about the iconic object that represents the enigma and cycles of their lives. And when a quirky insect arrives in the bustling community, a ladybug catches his eye and spectators immerse into the story of love at first sight.

A highlight of Ovo will be the Flying Act, in which a group dressed as scarabs will soar high above the stage, from both edges to the middle landing on a platform. The act combines circus disciplines, including banquine, Russian swing and swinging chair, and is the largest flying act yet undertaken by the group.

The show has ten acrobatic-related acts, with the rest being dancing or supplemental to the storyline. It is written, directed and choreographed by Deborah Colker, while the stage and set were designed by Gringo Cardio, utilising irregular shapes throughout.

Additional information

Groups of 12 or more can benefit from discounts of up to 25% on varying seating categories for the show, along with priority access to premium seating for the entire group.

Ovo also offers flexible payment options and opportunities to enhance the experience with complementary packages.

To book your tickets and find out more about the show, you can visit