The Kiss%2C Plaster%2C cast from first marble version

A spring/summer exhibition titled Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece will run at London’s British Museum, featuring a number of sculptures by Auguste Rodin.

Running from 26th April until 29th July in the Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery, the exhibition will showcase some of Rodin’s most famous pieces and those by the Greek sculptors whom he took inspiration from.

A bit of background

Rodin has been described as ‘one of the greatest and most innovative sculptors of the modern era’, and the new display will show how the sculptor took much of his inspiration from the works of the fifth century BC sculptor, Pheidias, who is known as the artist who conceived the Parthenon sculptures.

Groups visiting the new exhibition will see works by Rodin presented in a new light and explore how he admired the art of antiquity. His work will be displayed alongside the very Parthenon sculptures that inspired him.

What will groups get to see?

The British Museum has collaborated with the Musée Rodin in Paris, and over 80 works in marble, bronze and plaster, along with some of Rodin’s sketches will be displayed in conversation with ancient Greek art.

The show will allow visitors 360 degree access to many of the works, which will be displayed at eye level as if they were in a sculptor’s workshop. The exhibition design takes inspiration from Rodin’s home and studio in Meudon outside Paris.

The showcase will also reveal how Rodin regularly travelled to London and visited the British Museum to sketch and seek inspiration.

Groups are welcome at the British Museum. Group travel organisers should note that parties of over ten must book a visit at least seven days in advance.

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Pictured: The Kiss, plaster, cast from first marble version. (Photo credit: Musée Rodin).