A car workshop at the British Motor Museum

The British Motor Museum in Warwickshire is to host a series of motoring-related workshops this spring, ranging from classic car ownership to photography sessions.

All workshops are open to the public, but groups can arrange to take part in them privately on different dates. 

‘Classic virgins’ experience day
9th April, 10am – 2pm

This is a hands-on, informative day aimed at those considering buying and owning a classic car.

Experts will deliver guidance on the theory of classic car ownership and provide basic maintenance sessions.

After the workshop there will be free rides in a variety of classic cars. The cost includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day as well as museum entry.

Drawing from automotive history
9th April, 10.15am – 3.45pm

This art class takes place with Richard Cook, an art teacher and pencil sketcher. The day is designed to suit pen and ink sketchers of all abilities.

Groups will discover a range of techniques for producing a car study from start to finish.

The course will cover basic drawing tips, rules of composition, finding a new angle, drawing metal and painting textures such as polished and matt surfaces.

Morning coffee and entry to the museum are included.

Cars through the lens
16th April, 10am – 4pm

This workshop will take place with motoring photographer Lara Platman. Her aim is to help participants take the perfect photograph of a car, and learn when and how to use different settings on a camera.

Topics covered will include how to control light and composition, as well as the rule of thirds and perfect angles. Lara will help participants advance their skills in taking photographs of reflections, interiors, panoramic and detail.

Morning coffee and entry to the museum are included.

Cars through the lens goes studio
17th April, 10am – 4pm

This workshop is an extension of cars through the lens, and will enable participants to develop their photographic techniques in a studio setting.

Groups will learn how to achieve the best composition and lighting.

Prebooking onto these workshops is essential. GTOs should call 01926-927823 to book their group onto a course or to organise a private workshop.

For further information visit www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk.

(Photo credit: BMM)