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This summer, drama company Watch Your Head returns to host Shakespeare’s As You Like It as an immersive experience at The Savill Garden.

The production will run from 22nd June until 24th July, taking place in hidden gardens and landscaped lawns at The Savill Garden.

As You Like It will feature circus tricks, choreographed dance and live music as part of the experience.

Shakespeare’s classic play tells the story of Rosalind and Orlando who are forced into exile by their families and so venture into the Forest of Arden. Here, they are faced with The Golden Age, a travelling circus. Rosalind disguises herself as a boy to embark on a new way of living and a journey of love lessons and trickery.

The comedy of love and change challenges conventional ideas of love and lust, creating a setting where audiences can participate and lose themselves in the production.

The experience will conclude with a triple wedding, where groups are encouraged to come together in a celebration and indulge in food and drink from local suppliers.

A BBQ will be served during the final wedding scene, and drinks will be available to purchase from a hidden bush bar, which will pop up throughout the play.

About Watch Your Head

Watch Your Head is a production company run by director and founder Sasha McMurray, and executive producer and founder Sara Langridge.

Last year, they brought A Midsummer Night’s Dream to The Savill Garden, which featured a musical score composer by Bruno Major. Gourmet Hampers provided by The Windsor Farm Shop were also on offer.

About The Savill Garden

The Savill Garden is considered to be one of Britain’s finest ornamental gardens boasting 356 acres of interconnected gardens including the hidden gardens, spring wood, the glades and the winter beds among others.

The valley gardens, for example, is filled with woodland, trails, and a variety of blooms located on the northern shores of Virginia water.

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