Dragon Slayer features thrilling combat, great acting and an evening of fun, says Group Leisure & Travel’s Laura Sexton, after attending the premiere of the show.


The new show, bringing to life the story of Guy of Warwick, joins the castle’s entertainment offering running on selected dates in August and potentially again in 2019. 

For pre-booked groups anticipating the show, or to any GTOs considering a last-minute visit, features of the show include fire-eaters, a bird of prey display, jousting re-enactments and a visual light display within the castle grounds.

About the Dragon Slayer

The performance tells the 10th century story of the journey of Guy of Warwick as he battled beasts to win the heart of Princess Felice, the Earl of Warwick’s daughter.

Combining fire, jousts, equestrian acrobatics, stunts, and captivating performances, the evening show, which includes an interactive procession through the castle grounds, has something for everyone. 

The show is bookable for large groups and different packages are available, including the bronze, silver and gold packages with a variety of options including catering.

From the moment you are welcomed through the gates by the Medieval Earl of Warwick to watching the jousting tournament as the sun sets over the castle, you’re in for a truly memorable experience. The highlight of the show takes place within the castle’s courtyard, and features a light display projected onto the castle. 

For groups with more than 15 people, contact events@warwick-castle.com.

Group visits to Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, part of Merlin Entertainments, offers a range of historical and interactive entertainment throughout the year. From shows, such as the Dragon Slayer and the summer daily show, War of the Roses Live, to the opportunity to stay in the castle area, groups can expect something different from every visit. 

Other entertainment includes The Castle Dungeon for the brave-hearted, restaurants, souvenir shops and daily shows including bird of prey displays, jousting tournaments, and medieval weapon demonstrations.

Accommodation options include: Towers Suites inside the 14th century Caesar’s tower, Medieval Glamping, and Knight’s Village Lodges.

For more information about the Dragon Slayer, visit www.warwick-castle.com

Image credit: Andy Sallis.