From Manchester to Toulouse, here are some of the top destinations to consider when organising a walking trip for your group.

A recent study hosted by online travel portal, WeekenGo, has highlighted the top 100 and top 20 destinations for walking. 

Here, we shine a spotlight on ten of the most popular cities for a ramble, highlighting some of the main appeals for walking groups. 

1. Graz

Graz in Austria offers plenty for rambling groups, whether it's tricky terrain you're after or a walking tour of the city. WeekenGo’s study put Graz in the number one position on the list of most walkable cities. According to the report, one of the reasons the city took the top spot was due to its variety of museums, galleries and green spaces that groups visiting can enjoy.

2. Manchester

Manchester in the UK made it into the top 20 locations where visitors can enjoy plentiful walks. There are many walking routes in Manchester including Etherow Country Park Woodland and Waterways trail which incorporates walks around mill ponds, rivers and streams; Moorland Waters, through the secluded Piethorne Valley which offers hidden views and a scenic backdrop; and the Peel Tower, Holcombe Moor and Ramsbottom trail which is a circular walk taking in woodlands, riversides and heritage.


Pictured: Geneva.

3. Geneva

Geneva in Switzerland offers plenty of picturesque scenery that can be enjoyed while walking. With a backdrop of the Alps, this city is made for keen walkers. Said to be some of the best locations are Saleve, just right of Geneva, for climbing, or the Jura Mountains, west of Geneva for views. Due to Geneva’s location, there are a multitude of trails and routes of different difficulties for groups looking to enjoy the snowy peaks and the greenery of the valleys.

4. Ljubljana

If you're interested in exploring Ljubljana in Slovenia, there are plenty of self-led walking tours available (with GPSMYCITY) from the Ljubljana Artistic Walk taking in art museums and galleries, to the Landmarks Walking Tour and the 8 Hidden Treasures in Ljubljana tour. It also provides routes for those who enjoy a more extreme trip, with hiking trails taking in the mountainous landscape. A circular route known as the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship is a good option and the Velika Planina Mountains are worth exploring on a trek.

5. Liverpool

Another UK destination that can be found on WeekenGo’s list is Liverpool. Famous for its music scene and being the home of the Beatles, this city is full of culture. But it also has plenty to offer for those wanting to explore by foot. Groups can enjoy a three-hour long walking tour of the city called the Sandemans New Liverpool tour, taking in the famous landmarks and attractions which mark key moments in the city's history. There's also the Liverpool Beatles tour for music fans, and various self-guided walks that groups can enjoy, dependent on their choice of theme.


Pictured: Riga.

6. Riga

The Latvian city of Riga boasts beautiful architecture and landscapes, ideal for those wanting a culture trip. Tours around the city can involve taking in alternative locations, the old town, the Riga Moscow District, and the open-air museum. Custom walks and tours can also be arranged. Riga is said to be quaint enough to be able to enjoy walks around but is filled with plenty to keep your group busy all day.

7. Zagreb

Zagreb in Croatia is another city that should also be on your walking list. Just outside of the city itself, you'll see Medvednica Mountain which is ideal for those looking for a serious hike. Public transport can also take you to certain points and from there you'll discover different trails such as the Bik?evi?eva Trail and the Mrcina Trail, both of which offer incredible views. If greenery is what you're after, then a visit to Maksimir Park shouldn't go amiss. With forests and wooded areas and tranquil lakes and streams, this park is a great choice for groups seeking a peaceful stroll in Zagreb.

8. Reykjavik

Iceland is known for its amazing scenery and Reykjavik is no exception. The wooded areas of the city provide plenty to see on peaceful walks, meanwhile its coast is great for those wanting a seaside stroll. Close by is the Heidmork Nature Reserve which has a volcanic landscape as well as panoramic views.


Pictured: Reykjavik.

9. Toulouse

Toulouse in France offers a variety of walking tours which groups can enjoy. There is also a range of itineraries to choose from which incorporate walking, such as Art and History, Alleys and Nice Mansions, and Green Toulouse, suggested by the tourist office.

10. Leipzig

Our final choice is Leipzig in Germany. The city, said to be the tenth most populous city in Germany has plenty for groups to see while on foot, plus there are topical tours available. There is lots to do when visiting too, such as the Old Stock Exchange, the Panometer, Augustusplatz, the Bavarian Railway Station, The Old City Hall and Market Place, and the Gohlis Palace.

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Lead image: Manchester (Photo credit: VisitEngland/Skyoptics/Marketing Lancashire).