Our 2020 reader survey revealed some interesting things. Here’s a round-up of some of the results…

Group of walkers posing at a field gate in the country

We all live in an ever-changing world and it’s important for us to understand the current views of our readers… indeed anyone who normally organises group trips and holidays.

We launched a survey this summer because feedback is important; it helps shape our content and improve our understanding of different circumstances and challenges experienced by group travel organisers. We had 209 responses to the online survey, and wanted to share some of our findings.

Who do you organise trips for?

As we have always known, the diversity of groups that come together to experience trips, holidays and experiences is vast. Respondents stated that they organised for a range of groups, including for an art society, community projects, gardening club, charities, friends and even a community choir among many others.

How were you affected by the pandemic?

Unsurprisingly, 92% of respondents said that planned group trips or holidays had been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 28% said that they had deferred or rearranged their trip(s), 26% said they had cancelled completely, while 45% said their response had been ‘a bit of both’.

For those organisers who rearranged or cancelled their trip(s) through a tour operator, 86% said the experience was ‘easy and the company were helpful’.

How far ahead do you normally plan group trips and holidays?

We understand that group organisers plan and book ahead, sometimes way ahead, but this was a good opportunity to gain a better understanding of the timelines you work to.

Here are some of the results to show you the most popular answers…

We asked: how far ahead do you book day trips? You said…

GLT Reader Survey 2020 Pie Chart

For theatre trips, the most popular timescale was booking six months plus, in advance.

We asked: how far ahead to you book these type of trips. You said…

GLT Reader Survey Bar Chart 2020: How far ahead do you book.

For long haul holidays, the most popular timescale was booking 12 months plus and 18 months plus ahead. Cruise holidays were most likely to be booked 12 months or more ahead.

Looking ahead

With regard to future trips, 39% of respondents said they were planning day trips for their groups in the next six months. When asked whether GTOs felt their members would be happy travelling on a coach with social distancing in place, most said they did not know how their group would feel yet but anticipated that prices for coach hire and travel would increase.

As more groups get back to going on trips and holidays, the hope is that confidence will grow. We have already seen a range of positive stories and you can find them on this website.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey and please look out for more in the future.

You can find a useful list of attractions and businesses that are not only open but are welcoming groups by going to groupleisureandtravel.com/wewelcomegroups