The co-producer of The Mongol Khan which is performing at the London Coliseum hopes that audiences will leave with a very strong impression of Mongolia as a place to visit. 

Taking audiences back 2,000 years, the spectacular Mongol Khan performance has played to sold-out houses across Mongolia for more than a year. And this November and December it’s coming to London to celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the country and the UK. 

It’s the first time a Mongolian play has been presented to a European audience.

We caught up with co-producer and actress Bayra Bela about her hopes for the production and why Mongolia is a great place for groups to visit…

Mongol Khan co-producer Bayra Bela

Source: Michael Carlo

Bayra Bela has co-produced The Mongol Khan play which is running at the London Coliseum and is the first time a Mongolian play has been presented to a European audience.

What are you hoping the show will achieve?

It’s a very historical moment because this is the first theatre play in Mongolia which is going on the road commercially.

It means a lot because the UK was the first country in the west which acknowledged and accepted our independence. 

The Mongol Khan is something London will have never seen before; we have a company of more than 100 coming over. Set in Central Asia in 2000BC, the story will really grip audiences.

I am pretty sure that whoever comes to watch will leave with a very strong impression of Mongolia and will hopefully at some point love to visit our country.

What’s the feeling among the company at the moment?

Everyone is very excited and we’re giving our best to everything that we are doing. It’s not only about the play, it’s about Mongolian culture going to an international level so we all acknowledge that responsibility and how much exposure it can give the country.

The show is going to be spectacular. We call it Mongol drama which contains lots of different cultural elements like contortion, traditional dance, live music, acrobatics and circus elements; it’s going to be very rich in terms of visual display. 

Why is Mongolia a great destination to visit?

It’s one of the most exciting places you can visit in the 21st century. Many people think that Mongolia is just a nomadic country and full of horses but it is a very dynamic place. The capital city Ulaanbaatar is very youthful and has a lot of art and jazz clubs among many other things. 

Mongolia is a place that you can also feel freedom in a very zen way. We have about three million people but we are about four times bigger than Germany so you can drive 50kms and you’re in the countryside. There’s so much open space and visitors are welcomed with open arms. 

A traditional statue in Mongolia

Mongolia has a rich history and culture. At its peak, the Mongol Empire (founded by Genghis Khan in 1206) covered the most contiguous territory in history.

What sort of groups would love Mongolia?

If you’re seeking adventure, inner peace or an unforgettable experience, Mongolia is the place to go. For people who like outdoor trips, it’s literally heaven because as well as horse and camel riding, we have a beautiful range of mountains to explore. 

It’s such a friendly country which is very safe with a lot of English speakers. 

For first-time visitors, what would you recommend?

It really depends on how many people they have in their group, but I’d say spend at least a day or two in Ulaanbaatar because it has a lot to offer in terms of art, culture and monasteries. 

Beautiful mountain scenery in Mongolia

The government in Mongolia has declared 2023-25 the ‘years to visit’ as it becomes a visa-free destination for UK tourists and has opened a new international airport.

I would also recommend going to the Gobi Desert because it’s a really beautiful place. People say seeing the sunrise and sunset in the Gobi is something which you will never forget, I have experienced this myself and they’re right, it’s beautiful. If your group are very adventurous I’d suggest a horse riding trip. 

What’s the best time of year to visit?

Definitely summer. There’s the Naadam Festival in July which we have been celebrating for the last 800 years since the Genghis Khan was established. It consists of wrestling, horse riding and archery and the beautiful thing is we don’t just celebrate in one location, the whole country gets involved and every province organises their own festivals so it’s a unique time to explore Mongolia. 

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