Keith Jack, who will star as Nick Piazza in the 30th anniversary tour of Fame The Musical, shares his insight into the show.

Keith Jack in Fame the Musical

Keith Jack, who will star as Nick Piazza in the 30th anniversary tour of Fame The Musical, shares his insight into the show.

Keith is best-known for finishing second on BBC1’s Any Dream Will Do, but his extensive theatre credits include Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Only The Brave and Dick Whittington, among others.

How does Nick differ from the roles you’re used to playing?

It’s a completely different role for me, for one I don’t wear a loincloth and I’m not topless, which is quite nice. I get to wear clothes! People will come along and expect something of me and see something slightly different.

Could you tell us a little bit about your character, Nick?

Nick is an actor who started off doing a TV commercial and became famous from doing younger stuff, but he wants to go away and train to become a ‘real actor’ to do Shakespeare, and not just be seen as ‘that TV boy’.

He finds an interest in a girl called Serena, and falls in love with her as the show goes on. He realises there is more to life than just books and learning, and see that he can let himself go a bit with her.

What do you love most about the musical?

Fame shows every character’s individual story and how they have got through the three years at theatre school. It is about how their characters have grown up, and how they link along the way.

The thing about Fame which I love is that you could see the show on the Monday and watch one thing, then come back on the Thursday and see something completely different, because there are so many stories to follow.

How did you find switching your Scottish accent for an American one?

I had an American accent for the last show I did in London, Forever Plaid. The more you do it, the better it becomes. I’ve got a few friends who are American so I ask them for advice, and I had a dialect coach during rehearsals to make sure it’s on point.

Any last things to say about the show?

Audiences will be on their feet at the end of the show, having followed a massive journey. They will really feel the heart of this show, and obviously they will be singing the iconic number, Fame!

This interview was originally conducted by Sammy Jones, member of the Ambassador Theatre Group.

About the tour

The UK tour of Fame The Musical begins in Cheltenham, from 21st to 26th January after which it will head to venues across the country include Bath, Oxford, York, Bristol, Milton Keynes, and Canterbury, among others, until August.

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