Angela Rippon at the launch ceremony of cruise ship Columbus

Angela Rippon CBE, was recently named Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ new cruise ship Columbus, becoming its godmother. She told GLT about her holiday memories and plans to take a cruise herself. 

What is your first memory of taking a holiday?

My first real memory is from when I was about six.  We lived in Plymouth, Devon and I was sent to family friends who lived in the village of Delabole in North Cornwall. I was put on a Western National Bus in the care of the conductor and driver, with a label pinned to my coat giving my name, and the name of the person who was to meet me at the other end. I had a wonderful time exploring the countryside around the village and visiting Tintagel – the home of King Arthur.

What is your top travel tip?

On long haul flights, sleep and eat to your own timetable and not that of the airline. I have flown to Australia three times and never had jet lag. Don’t keep your passport, mobile phone and credit card all together in the same handbag, jacket, backpack or whatever. If you lose your bags or (heaven forbid) get mugged, you won’t lose all your valuable documents in one go, and will still have some form of identification or communication to get you some help.

Have you any plans to take a cruise?

Oh yes. A cruise can be the most relaxing and enjoyable way to ‘get away from it all’ and really chill out, and there are still parts of the world that I have not seen 

How much were you looking forward to the naming of Columbus and becoming her godmother?

This is such an honour and a privilege, and I’m so looking forward to meeting my new ‘godchild’ and getting to know her better.

You can find out more about Cruise & Maritime Voyages by visiting their website

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