Sherlock Holmes Museum

As the 14th October marks 125 years since the first Sherlock Holmes novel, we thought it apt to highlight some key locations for fans of the famous fictional detective.

Sherlock Holmes is arguably one of the most famous and favourable fictional detectives of all time, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote many novels which are still loved today. There have also been many film and TV adaptations, including BBC’s Sherlock starring benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and three-film franchise, Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.

Why not extend your love for Sherlock by theming some group trips around his fictional life and adventures?

Take a trip down Baker Street

The famous Baker Street is where Sherlock Holmes lived in the stories, precisely 221b Baker Street. If you take a walk down the street you'll come across a bronze statue of the fictional detective, complete with hat and pipe. Contrary to Holmes living in 221b Baker Street, the actual location used in films and television is somewhere between 241 and 237 Baker Street.

That being said, at 221b Baker Street you will find the Sherlock Holmes Museum which welcomes groups to enter and explore the Holmes collections. It features a re-creation of Holmes’ sitting room and there is also a shop within the museum where visitors can purchase novelty Holmes merchandise and souvenirs. The first floor of the building is still maintained as it was in Victorian times, keeping the location’s authenticity. 

Hungry and thirsty?

Whilst seeking Sherlockian inspiration around London, why make lunch an exception? The Sherlock Holmes Pub is themed around Sherlock Holmes’ living room and offers Sherlock inspired drinks such as Sherlock Holmes Ale and meals including his favourite food, Cumberland sausages - not to mention the memorabilia throughout such as Dr Watson’s old revolver. 

Speedy’s Café in Camden might be somewhere you and your group would like to stop off at as it was used frequently as the exterior of 221b Baker Street in the BBC series Sherlock. Groups can grab a bite of themed food to eat here whilst admiring the fan-art and production photos that hang on the walls. 

Iconic filming locations

St Bartholomew’s Hospital is where Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson first meet, both in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories and the BBC adaptation and is where some of the filming took place. 

Visitors to London can enter the hospital museum, Bart’s Health, to explore the history of the hospital if they fancy a more historical and educational day out, or you can visit Bart’s Pathology Museum, also inside St Bart’s Hospital. 

This is said to be where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote some of his stories. A plaque is hung outside the office which is thought to be where he did his writing. The building was also used in the BBC drama in the episode ‘A Study in Pink’ where Sherlock jumps off the roof. 

Groups can also spot the red post-box just outside where fans wrote loving messages to Sherlock after the episode aired and they still remain there today for all to read.


For groups heading to Madame Tussauds, you’ll discover several Sherlock Holmes wax figures, one of Robert Downey Jr and one of Benedict Cumberbatch, who both took on the role in different adaptations.

Walk the streets

Sherlock Holmes fans can also enjoy guided walking tours of London that focus on the detective and the novels. On a tour, iconic locations will be pointed out, from the aforementioned places to some more secret stops, all with interesting histories behind them.