Wonderland UK And European Premiere Revealed For 2017 %7C Group Theatre News

A brand new British version of the multi Grammy and Tony award winning production Wonderland will make its UK debut in January.

Wonderland is a musical adaption of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

The story begins with author Alice Stetson, moving to Queens, New York, with her daughter Chloe, so that Alice can have some space away from her husband Jack.

When she discovers that the manuscript for the children’s book she has written has been rejected by the publishers, she makes a comment that the Alice in Wonderland book that is being read to Chloe by Jack’s mother is too dark. She lies down and finds herself later awoken by a white rabbit who she follows down to Wonderland.

The show will include a score of songs from Frank Wildhorn who is the writer of pop hits including Whitney Houston’s Where Do Broken Hearts Go? and theatre classics such as This is the Moment from theatre show Jekyll & Hide.

The first half of the UK tour will take the show to cities including Edinburgh, Sunderland, Birmingham, Southend, Oxford, Grimsby, York, Bromley, Derry, Belfast, Woking, Blackpool, Southampton and Manchester.

The venues for the second half of the tour will be revealed in May, along with casting details.

The show debuts at the Edinburgh Playhouse on Friday 20th January 2017 and the final show in the first half of the tour will be at Manchester Palace Theatre on 29th April.

For more information visit www.wonderlandthemusical.com.